Frequently Asked Questions at

What does do?

Answer: We offer a comprehensive suite of music mastering and consulting services to meet your needs. You will benefit from Rob's:

  • personalized mix consultation services (feedback/input on your mix, recording tips etc.)
  • intense customer focus (prompt responses to emails, direct answers to your questions)
  • dedication to helping you achieve the ultimate quality


How and when do I pay for the mastering services?

Answer: Rob will ask you to pay a deposit before starting your audio mastering project, and he will ask you to pay the balance toward the end of your project after you have reviewed and approved the work in progress. We accept payment via PayPal. Please refer to the audio mastering rates page for more details.


Will I have a chance to review and approve the work in progress?

Answer: Yes. Rob will provide you with limited duration samples (typically 1 to 2 minutes in length) of each song to review and approve before he finalizes your masters.


How much say will I have in the mastering process?

Answer: The audio mastering process is a highly collaborative two-way relationship, and you will be working directly with Rob throughout the process. Rob will be your technical and musical consultant, recommending mix changes when applicable and applying treatments that will work for your songs. When you receive your masters, please review them and ask for any necessary adjustments. If you ask for something specific and it does not appear to work well for your song or project, Rob will explain why and will suggest alternatives for you. In the end, you can make the final call based upon Rob's advice. 


Can you tell us a bit about the equipment you use?

Answer: Rob takes a minimalist approach to mastering audio. He uses common, but high quality processing tools. Rob has placed the most focus into building his mastering room and monitoring chain. Please refer to the gear list for more information:

How long does the audio mastering process take?

Answer: It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours of work to master a single song, however, it does not happen all at once. Because that time is scheduled and prioritized with other mastering projects, your actual wait time can vary depending on the nature of your project. You can read more here:

Why do you advise against submitting mp3 files for mastering?

Answer: Submitting lossy formats such as mp3 will affect the quality of your finished master. You can read more detail here:

Questions? Contact Rob with your question, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.