Audio mastering services from $99 USD per song.


$129 USD per song


$99 USD per song


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Single song mastering

  • Best option if you plan to release single songs, one at a time.
  • Mix Analysis report and all other "standard" audio mastering services included (see below).
  • $129 USD per song.

We ask for a $39 deposit prior to starting work (see below).

Bulk song mastering

  • Best option if you plan to release an album or EP.
  • Mix Analysis report and all other "standard" audio mastering services included (see below).
  • $99 USD per song.

3-song minimum. To be eligible for this special rate, submit all songs for your project, together.

We ask for a $39-per song deposit prior to starting work (see below).

Daily mastering rate

  • Best option for time-critical projects. Reserve a block of Rob's time expressly for your project to have it completed on the date that works best for you.
  • Mix Analysis report and all other "standard" audio mastering services included (see below).
  • "Gang of four" Stem Mastering option is included.
  • DDP or Master CD are included at no extra cost (see below).
  • 1 hour of live consultation included, per day.

This premium service is available to clients who can submit all songs for their project one week in advance of the mastering session, and can ensure that any mix adjustments are completed prior to the mastering date.

We are booking approximately 6 to 8 weeks out, at this time. Full album projects typically take 1 day to master. Please contact us about your project, and Rob will help you confirm if this option is right for you.

We ask for a 50% deposit prior to confirming your booking (more details below).

Standard Audio Mastering Services

The following services are included in all audio mastering services rate options, above:

  • Personalized Mix Analysis report (details here) - (first impressions and practical advice on what you can do to improve your mix)
  • Basic recording and mix consultation via email
  • Technical analysis of submitted files for errors (glitches/file corruption etc.)
  • Any necessary processing depending on client/project needs, including:
    • Dynamics enhancement/restoration to maximize energy and punch
    • Tonal adjustments to enhance perceived detail, clarity, definition and impact
    • Center component and mid-side/spatial optimization (mono compatibility)
    • Bass optimization (makes the lowest octaves, deeper, clearer and fuller for optimum impact)
    • Loudness optimization (musically appropriate perceived loudness from track to track)
    • "Hand-drawn" dynamics adjustments - (micro and macro gain and EQ adjustments to add musicality and impact)
  • Optimize lead ins, lead outs and fades for each song
  • Embed all requested metadata in each master - (such as the ISRC code, composer, artist, album, publisher etc.)
  • 16-bit (CD and digital distribution), 24-bit (Mastered for iTunes) plus standard 128kbps and high quality 320kbps Mp3 master formats provided
  • 2-year project archive period
  • Limited warranty - (up to 3 additional adjustments can be made within 30 days of the date that the invoice is paid)

Optional "add on" Mastering Services

  • Intermediate to advanced recording and mix consultation - contact us for options and rates
  • Stem Mastering - ("Gang of four" approach) - add $100 USD per song
  • Stem Mixing Services - $80 USD per stem (discrete stems approach - see below *)
  • Create DDP file (for CD manufacturing) - add $100 USD
  • Create Master CD – add $100 USD + shipping
  • Live recording and mix consultation (via Skype or other virtual meeting platform) - $200 USD per hour

* See this article to learn the differences between stem mixing and stem mastering. To maintain his audio mastering focus, Rob offers stem mastering services, while typically sub-contracting out mixing services to a skilled mix engineer. Please ask about this option if you are interested, and Rob will help you confirm if this option is right for you.


The mastering services deposit covers the cost of your mix analysis report(s) and is non-refundable. Your deposit will be deducted from the total mastering package cost at the end of your project. For example, if you paid a $250 deposit, and the total package cost was $1000, you would pay $750 at the end of the project to cover the balance.


Note: All options and pricing are subject to change without notice.