Photo by Thomas Robinson

Rob Stewart started JustMastering.com in January 2012, to help his clients improve the quality of their mixes. Mastering is the process of preparing music for distribution and broadcast. Rob believes that a great master starts with a great mix, and with a growing list of very happy clients, he has a track record of providing quality service with an intense customer focus. He is based  in Ontario, Canada, and proudly serves a diverse range of recording artists around the world.

"Great set of ears, great suggestions for improving mixes and the science to back it up!"

- Travis Powers

Rob Stewart has been working with music and audio from a very young age. He has extensive experience in the radio advertising (production) field, having produced thousands of radio spots for companies all over North America.

Rob is a musician who enjoys playing variety of instruments, and has several years of experience as a location recording engineer. Location recording has provided Rob with a wealth of experience in dealing with the unexpected, and he enjoys a challenge.

Rob graduated from the Music Industry Arts - Recording Engineering program at Fanshawe College in 1995. Rob decided to start mastering professionally because he has always enjoyed the analytical side of recording engineering.

Rob's analytical approach to music complements the creative mindset that producers and home musicians have. Rob is very service-oriented, and believes that great communication is essential to great customer service. Rob will help turn your music vision into a reality, by bringing out the very best in your mix!

If you have questions for Rob, or are looking for song mastering services, please use the contact us form, and he will get back to you as soon as possible. Rob is also on the GearSlutz audio forum under the name "JustMastering".

"Rob is one of the rare guys in the industry that is very generous with his time. He carefully listens to mixes and gives honest, detailed feedback on how to improve the mix..."

- Steve Turpin

JustMastering.com is an Apple Digital Masters approved audio mastering service.